Visiting Protool in South Korea

We have been supplying Protool Corp in Seoul since 2015. Since 2 years they have ordered all the tools that we are making in our Garden Tool Factory in Holland. The trip to Seoul was easy because of our stay in Japan. South Korea is a beautiful country with passionated people, we were more than surprised by the Protool Corporation. The company that is distributing tools like Snap On, Wera, Lie Nielsen, Knipex and DeWit in South Korea. During the 3 days stay we have learned a lot about the country, the gardens and the people. Top of the trip was the visit we made to the #1 Garden store in Gangnam, Queen Mama Market, the destination in Seoul of you Love #gardening.

Visiting Protool Corp. in Seoul

DeWit tools in the Showroom at Protool and also in the Queen Mama Market in Gangnam Seoul.

DeWit visits Factory Gear in Tokyo.

Just before the start of Spring in 2017 we have promoted our products in Japan and South Korea. By visiting our dealers in Japan, we are building a stronger #DeWit brand in the Asian market. Factory Gear is started in 1996 by Mr. Masato Takanokura. His company Factory Gear is distributing brands like, KNIPEX, WERU, SNAP ON and many more. At this moment they run 14 own stores all over Japan and also distributing Factory Gear in Thailand and Taiwan. In 2013 Mr. Takanokure was visiting our factory in Holland.

DeWit Gardentool at Factory Gear

Visiting Factory Gear in Tokyo. We had a nice lunch with the team of Factory Gear and also with Kawase Ryoko who told us her experience with gardening.


The Keukenhof 2016

This year we visited the keukenhof in the first week of May. We had the luck that the weather was changed and it we had two beautiful days to walk around the bulb gardens.

Nice to talk with the landscapers who worked also with our tools. They loved the long handles push and pull hoes to weed around the borders. Have a look at our website to see our export range in long handled tools. The long handles are real back savers when you work in the garden.

The Keukenhof

Updates 2016

It has been 2 years since the last update on the blog. Not the only job we are doing at the gardentool factory in Holland. The last gardening season we have used to get a new website, at you can see the results. With experience and help from the builders at it was a lot easier.

Many new tools have been designed since the last gardening season, by going trough the new website you can explore what we are doing. In the same time we have designed a new gardening catalog.


More tools on the go.

It has been a busy season for DeWit Gardentools. New distributors in Hungary, Romania, Kuwait, South Korea and soon we will be availble on the Island of Jersey. Global Gardening with Dewit gardentools.
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The Japanese Handhoe

This handhoe is made by our product designers after we started to do business in Japan. Today most used as a handhoe for weeding in Borders and Flowerbeds, it seems to be a good grasscutter too.

The hoe is made from Boronsteel, cutted on our lasermachines and build to last forever.

This type of hoe is also good for left handed gardeners, we build a left and right handed version of it. The total lenght is 320mm, widt 120mm height 30mm.